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I have received some request for a simple dashboard or wallboard to show some information for the agent in queue. user was using FreePBX and they don’t want to go for advance available wallboard. So I have decide to check for a customize able solution. i have found some old code which was develop for extracting the Queue statistic and show on the web which was a good start point so I have used the available code as the start point and after customization develop the wallboard with the possibility to show all available queue or selected queue statistic as below: 


The benefit of this application is anyone can open the link and monitor the related queue to him/her department, easy to understand, full agent status and queue statistic show in single page, and it is very simple to setup and customize based on the requirement.

If anyone interest about the application please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Wallboard for FreePBX

  1. Hello ,

    We have FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 13.22 ,

    Kindly provide new version of Queue Wallboard as we are using from Older source.


    1. Hi,
      my wallboard compatible with FreePBX 14 but source not available free of charge. let me know if you want to purchase it. I also can offer customization if you need.

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