What is PBX and Why Cloud Hosted PBX is cost-effective?

PBX is a convenient tool for organizing day-to-day communications within and outside of your business. Have you ever had to press a certain number to speak with a certain person when calling your bank or your favorite food delivery to complain about the wrong order? If your answer is yes, then you have already interacted with the PBX.

Nowadays, communication is the key to success for many businesses. This could vary from communicating with your supplier to reseller and customer. PBX is an easy and cheap way to handle both internal and external affairs. Effective call distribution among staff, collecting customer information, and taking messages after hour are only a few options that PBX can offer.

Hosted PBX
Despite all of the above advantages, implementing your own system is not always worthy. Hiring an IT specialist to maintain your system can be highly pricey. In this case, the most effective solution would be to use a hosted PBX system, provided by a PBX carrier that will endure the maintenance for your specific requirements. An ideal PBX carrier would be user-friendly and include customizable features for your unique needs. You won’t need to pay for the PBX equipment, maintenance costs, installation, and upgrades. All you’ll need is your existing internet connection and some cables to connect the phones to computers.

No additional costs on the hardware
As mentioned before, you will not need to have special equipment. You can use the software on your personal computer or smartphone which allows for remote access when you’re not at your workplace. All you’ll need to do is to install the app. In case that you want to use a phone, you can use any VOIP compatible phone, for example, a popular Fanvil brand.

Integration with other communication systems
If you have an existing phone system that needs to be linked to the PBX it can also be arranged. To integrate this, the existing phone system will be linked with the Hosted solution via a SIP trunk. Moreover, this will allow the application of extra features such as a call to a specific agent, queue or voicemail when the SIP trunk is down.

If you are still in doubt that you need a Hosted PBX solution you can always sign up for a free trial to test the service and see how it addresses your unique needs!

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