10 Benefits of Hosted PBX

With the constant advancements in the IT sector, as businesses try to adapt Cloud-hosted phone systems, it is a question many business owners or IT managers whether or not Cloud-Hosted PBX is the solution for your business or will it give its place to the next innovation that comes round. If you already have a phone system in place that is meeting your current requirements you might ask yourself this question” Does the cost worth the trouble?”

In this post, we will look at some of the many advantages of Hosted-PBX to help decision making easier for you.

Some of the advantages of a Hosted-PBX are as follow:

1)  Highly Cost-effective

Hosted-PBX is a kind of means that do not require the purchase of complicated hardware as the entire phone system is hosted and controlled in the Cloud. Therefore the major cost will only be the services you need without having to invest in capital costs and the technical aspects of setting up a system. From the Service Provider outlook, the costs are generally divided amongst the numerous users which on a bigger scale helps remarkably reduce the per unit usage/subscription fees for the customers in comparison to the cost of using a fixed line.

Hosted-PBX is not geographically limited that allows business such as Call Centers to conduct a substantial number of long-distance calls. This enables the entire company to form a single consolidated communication infrastructure regardless of their geographical location that consequently makes calls amongst various branches look like internal calls.   The combination of call plans that include unlimited calls to various mobile numbers will lead the average cost per call to significantly reduce.

2) Time-effectiveness

Generally speaking the overall installation of a typical PBX including ordering hardware, finding a professional to assess the call flow specifications and on-site installation can take up to a couple of months. On a Cloud Hosted-PBX though, installation is swift and analyzing call flow requirement can be done on a graphical user interface which can promptly be accessed via your desktop computer. You can add a single phone line or a couple of them quickly by clicking the configuration in the software. Also, the server maintenance takes less time and equipment can be upgraded faster as the service provider support team works 24/7 to ensure there are no downtimes.

3) Integrate your old/existing phone system

In the case that you want to maintain your existing solution but want to upgrade to Cloud-Hosted PBX in case of a branch in a new city or a new office, this can be easily achieved as Hosted-PBX allows for legacy system integration or device with a few simple clicks. Even better if your legacy system supports SIP trunks/VoIP there’s no need to purchase additional hardware.  Cloud-hosted-PBX gives you flexibility on how to route your calls with easy interface with existing infrastructures. Hosted-PBX configuration allows users on both systems to send and receive calls to and from each other while the legacy PBX users enjoy even cheaper calls via VoIP routes. This is especially an advantage in case of businesses that would like to maintain their existing PBX but also want to enjoy affordable prices via cheaper trunk lines.

4) Flexibility

Hosted-PBX is not limited geographically which allows you to simply use your VoIP phone, the smartphone with a VoIP application, or a desktop computer from any maker to connect from around the world. This gives the employees an option to access from anywhere on any device of their choice using the same office number assigned to them. You can transfer office calls from your office phone to your smartphone and answer calls in-transit. This feature is empowering because it increases your reachability to customers via a virtual connection or a toll-free number such as 03/0800 on the Hosted-PBX from any remote location or your office.

5) Advanced features

Even when you are using basic equipment you’re no longer restricted by simple features on your phone or in-house PBX. Hosted-PBX makes it possible to access all the available features by your service provider with no additional fees. These features include but are not limited to Call control, Call Recording, Queue, Voice Menu, Time Conditions, Wallboards and etc. The service provider gives you access to these features on a web portal where you can use the new features and upgrade the existing ones.

6) High-quality Voice calls

Over the years improvements on Quality of Service (QoS), faster internet speeds, and better compression rates have contributed to improving voice communication means via the internet. Before VoIP installation, the service provider can commence various tests to assess your internet connection speed and quality in order to offer the best VoIP solution that meets your requirements. Hosted-PBX utilizes voice prioritization and other packet loss resilience schemes to provide the highest quality calls for you. Nowadays service providers use their own networks such as Fiber Broadband 4G or ADSL in order to apply QoS schemes from the headquarter to customers and assuring the highest call quality.

7) Scalability

Whether your business is growing or you decide to cut on your business, you might want to add up or cut down your business requirements. Hosted-PBX helps you to pre-reserve resources for the possibility of future expansions; however, in fact, you are paying for unemployed resources which you may or may not use in the future expansions. With Cloud-Hosted-PBX you pay for your usage capacity as it enhances or as it diminishes. First, you can start with a small number of lines and then you can increase them as your business capacity grows. In other words, you can live up to the scale of your business as it meets your requirements. Cloud-Hosted-PBX allows you to scale up your business in high demand seasons by employing new lines and scale it down right after a festival or a major event by dismissing those lines.

8) Increased Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

One of the substantial concerns for the organization considering Hosted-PBX is reliability. While old PSTN can suffer from damage to device, hardware failure or power failure, and copper-wire damage, Hosted-PBX is relies on the internet and is managed by the service provider who has access to redundant resources including infrastructures and servers peering with various transit providers globally that can be used as backups to sustain business in case of natural disaster or manmade failure which is an added advantage over copper-wire landline.   

9) Real-time monitoring and Report Analysis

An advantage of Hosted-VoIP system is the accessibility of real-time statistics and motorization of all PBX activities including but not limited to ongoing and missed calls, call rates, active or available agents, and subscription costs through a web portal on a desktop or mobile. This enables business owners to analyze their employee’s performance, view instant call recordings and last but not least to make informed decisions about their business by using the reporting tool on PBX. The reporting tool helps to collect, collate, organize and present data using statistical tools such as average, and mean and graphical tools such as charts and graphs for better comprehension of the usage data.

10) Security

The security of Hosted-PBX is in general higher than in-house PBX. In VoIP systems, the service provider is in charge of assuring system security including software updates, firewalls and security patches. It’s the responsibility of the expert VoIP team to ensure system protection. Even in case of a security breach in your local network VoIP provider like VoIPLine telecom has defense algorithms in place to prevent large volumes of unauthorized calls.

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